Who is KittyLovesTea?

November 10, 2012

My name is Kayleigh Jade and I was born in Leicester, England, UK. I have always had a love for herbal and fruit tea (even as a child) but my curiosity got the better of me in my teen years and I started to look into other teas. I eventually found some companies in the UK that offered different teas and eBay was an easy source for international (particularly Chinese) blends. I found myself liking specific teas more than others such as Pu Erh and jasmine green pearls (which are two of my favourites still to date) and my obsession kept growing and spreading.


Now I am in tea clubs and regularly order new products to try and though I have tried a good variety of different tea’s I still consider myself to be a beginner student. My goal in life is to keep tasting and steeping and learning and hopefully by having this blog I will pass on what I learn and feel.

My name is kittylovestea because it combined my two favourite things in the world. Those being cats and tea (of course!). My cats are also interested in some of my teas especially dessert or sweet teas. I have arrived home before to find a few tea packets on the floor with suspicious looking holes which any cat owner know are made from biting. I now have to be careful with the storing of my tea but it’s nice to know my angels have the same interests as me. =^_^=

My cat Ebony investigating the loose leaves

My cat Ebony investigating the loose leaves

My cat Ivory loved the smell of the raw leaves

My cat Ivory loved the smell of the raw leaves


I love to write reviews and have been lucky to have been offered free samples in exchange for them. If you have would like for me to review your tea then please contact me at kittylovestea@gmail.com

I am also always looking for any work involving tea so if you have anything that you would like help with such as: helping pick particular teas for menus (private or personal), help creating a tea blend or anything that you believe I can help you with then please contact me.

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